Stump grinding

Tree stump grinding - stump removalWe provide a full tree stump removal service using a stump grinder. It chips the stump into wood chips and then the wood chips can be used in the garden or we can take them away to be recycled.

Stump grinding is necessary if you wish to replant or replace the tree that once stood, maybe for a species that's better suited to the space you have available. If you have a tree removed and the stump is still in place, it will take several years of natural decay before you're able to dig the ground around the location of the stump. If your stump is ground away, planting a new tree in the same area can be done far more easily.

Inaccessible tree stumps

If you don't wish to have your tree stump ground down or it's simply not accessible, the stump can still make a beautiful feature in your garden by putting well-chosen, attractive plants in pots on it , or if it's a large stump, we can even form it into a beautiful and simple seat at the time of felling your tree so that you have somewhere to sit and relax in the warmer weather.

New shoots

Many recently cut trees will sprout new shoots from around the stump shortly after the tree has been cut down, so if you don't want this to happen, we suggest using Eco Plugs (which poison the tree root) to prevent any growth emerging from the stump in the future.

Whilst stump grinding, our operators wear full personal protective equipment and use safety screens to prevent any damage from flying debris.

Please call or email for a free quote on stump grinding or stump poisoning.