Tree felling - Tree removal / dismantling

We provide a comprehensive tree felling service regardless of where your tree is located - If it needs to be dismantled piece by piece or felled in one, we can offer the right solution to fit in with your individual needs. Our skilled tree surgeons have the necessary experience to assess the specific requirements of each situation on a case by case basis.

We have the knowledge and expertise in choosing the most suitable cutting and rigging systems to bring your tree down both safely and efficiently with the minimal impact on your surroundings.

We evaluate the circumstances of each individual situation and tailor our approach to fit in with your requirements and the potential affect it may have on the immediate environment.

Once your tree has been safely taken down, why let us take the firewood when it can be of value to you?

If your tree has sound wood, you may prefer to keep it for future use as valuable firewood for either your own personal needs or perhaps to pass on to your friends or family.

The wood from your tree is a valuable asset and whilst we are happy to remove it, we leave the decision of whether you choose to keep or discard it entirely up to you.

Regardless of which option you choose, we can remove all of the resulting debris and leave your garden or premises as clean as we found it - If not cleaner.

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