Tree, shrub and hedge pruning

Tree Pruning

Our Fully qualified staff are competent in British standard BS 3998 Reccomendations for tree work and aim to provide a tree pruning service allowing you and your tree to co habit on your property, finding a balance between yours and the trees needs.

  • Formative pruning - Start your saplings/young trees off the right way by having us selectively prune your individual trees to improve their structure/growth in years to come before its too late.

  • Crown Thinning -  the removal of selected branches throughout the crown to reduce its density by a given percentage, without affecting the tree's shape and size, to improve light and air penetration to the tree and anything below it.

  • Crown Lifting -  the removal or Pruning of lower branches to increase the clearance above ground level to give room for pedestrians, vehicles,houses or any objects affected by the trees skirt.It can also improve light penetration to your property in some situations.

  • Crown Reduction - reducing/reshaping the height and spread of the crown by a given amount in metres. Manage your trees size at the size you want it.

  • Pollarding or re pollarding - the removal of the whole crown to a given point on the main stem, Leaving the main framework of the tree.

  • Crown Cleaning -  the removal of dead, dying, damaged or diseased branches where necessary and improve the general appearance of the tree.

  • Fruit Tree Pruning - We provide a fruit tree pruning/maintenance service for fruit production and acessibility.

  • Vista Pruning - Pruning for view enhancement.

Hedge work

  • Hedge Topping - Reducing the Hedge's height to a certain line or level to improve light penetration or view.

  • Hedge Cutting - Trimming the face/sides for aesthetic value or to reduce encroachment.

  • Hedge Rejuvenation - It is not uncommon for hedges to become too big too fast and aesthetically not be very pleasing, talk to us today about a management programme to get your hedges looking pristine.

Shrub Pruning

  • We offer a high end shrub pruning service for Rhododenderons, Lilacs, Azaleas and many more species. Keeping your shrubs maintained to meet your standards.